With every type of service and business trying to nickel and dime their way to the top, its nice to see a valuable free service come along every now and then, and one that can really be of use to consumers!  Getting a peak at your credit score can actually be a little on the pricey side.  However that doesn’t have to be true for you.  We’ve actually located some options that provide this service for free, which can be very beneficial to consumers who are looking to apply for a new line of credit, or make a major purchase such as buying a house, car, boat, or other property.  Your credit score often determines your eligibility for renting property or a car, among other services you may be interested in using.

Yes, our credit score does have some say in our lives.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know your current score going into the game?  It could determine your negotiation tactics, or even whether you should pursue your efforts at securing new credit.  Lets face it, when your score is below a certain point, there’s just no point in even asking.  For those individuals in that situation, you can avoid the awkward rejection by finding out your score before you submit an application.  For those who are in a more advantageous position, you can make sure you know where you stand going in, and have a better idea of what negotiating power you possess in the situation.

The service providers who are willing to offer you a glance at your credit score should be the most reputable and secure credit report services in the industry.  With the threat if identity theft around every virtual corner, you simply cannot entrust your personal information to just anyone offering you an incentive.  Security and integrity must be the paramount operation platforms of any legitimate credit reporting service.  We take cyber threats very seriously, and hence only provide information here that can live up to the most stringent of security standards.  Your credit service providers should do the same!

In fact, checking your credit score and credit report periodically allows you a birds eye view into any and all financial activity tied to your social security number and name, so you’ll be able to spot any questionable activity in your name right away.  Even if you have an identity theft protection program in place, checking your credit score and credit report regularly is still a good idea.  Many of these services have customizable alert preferences that will send you a notification when there are any changes whatsoever to your financial records.  Including all applications for credit of any type.  With these types of notifications, you can become aware of any type of questionable activity immediately and stop any threats before they damage your finances in any way.  Many people opt for this either instead of or in addition to identity theft protection services.

Staying on top of your financial standing and all account activity is paramount to your financial stability, having 24/7 one click access to your credit information is the key to remaining informed.  Only use reputable services who willingly submit themselves to industry regulation and are willing to demonstrate their commitment to a secure and safe environment for your personal financial information.  Sadly the frauds out there can be very convincing and innovative, appearing legitimate when in fact they are rogue thieves ready to rob you blind.  Stay informed and keep it safe with reputable online credit services.